About Us

The company that would become Neishloss & Fleming started in 1982 as Neishloss & Neishloss. Alice and Eric Neishloss began the business with the goal of being “the broker of choice” for independent life and health insurance agents. Through years of persistence and an unwavering commitment to providing the highest caliber broker support, Alice and Eric built a strong reputation and an equally strong foundation for future growth.

In 1994 Maggie and Tom Fleming joined the company. They learned the business by working in a variety of roles as the agency continued to grow its production and geographic footprint. During this period, Neishloss & Fleming began to concentrate its efforts on health insurance products for individuals, groups and seniors.

Re-named Neishloss & Fleming at the onset of the 2000s, the company began to develop specialization in the senior market and was an early advocate of Medicare Advantage plans.  Their efforts resulted in becoming one of the top national distributors of these plans by 2010. During the ensuing years, with Maggie and Tom at the helm, N&F continued its success by holding fast to Alice and Eric’s original commitment to providing unsurpassed service and support to independent brokers.

In 2018, Neishloss & Fleming was acquired by Integrity Marketing, LLC; the largest distributor of Medicare products in the country. This acquisition positions N&F for a future of growth by leveraging Integrity’s product-development, proprietary sales and marketing systems, as well as shared services capabilities.


Neishloss & Neishloss was Founded by Alice and Eric Neishloss


Maggie (Neishloss) Fleming and Tom Fleming joined Eric and Alice


Neishloss & Neishloss was re-named to Neishloss & Fleming


N&F became one of the top national distributors of Medicare in the Industry


Moved N&F Headquarters from Castle Shannon Blvd to 2275 Swallow Hill Rd.


N&F was acquired by Integrity Marketing Group, LLC


Moved N&F Headquarters from Swallow Hill Rd. to 501 Technology Dr.


N&F Celebrated 40 years in the Insurance Industry