I started a new Medicare agency and being part of Neishloss made the process so much easier…

by identifying the next steps and setting up contracting with the selected carriers.  I cannot say enough good things about MedicareCENTER.  It’s an amazing tool that makes my work effective and look effortless.  This is an amazing tool!  My Neishloss representative is so smart and patient with me.  She is an invaluable resource.

– Patricia M.

Managing a Medicare Agency is no small feat. Neishloss & Fleming gives us all the tools we need to manage the difficult tasks so we can focus on growth.

Chris Holmes and Zach Wilson are total rockstars. Working with the NF team has been a turnkey solution for our firm and we are very thankful for our partnership”

– Scott M.
President of Seniority Benefit Group – Columbus, Ohio

When I started in this business, I needed to succeed for my family. I really had no idea where to begin. I could not have done it without the team at Neishloss &
Fleming. They bring together the best in people and technology.

Their recruitment team brings you on board quickly. Their “we can help” approach to getting started was just what I needed. The Ready Set Go program got me moving with funding for my first mailing. With continued production I have been given funds for additional marketing and leads enabling me to quickly add to my client base.

When you need to know something about Medicare and/or about specific plans, you need only turn to the product managers who know every plan, every copay and all of the secrets and intricacies of Medicare. Each year, INSIGHT provides me with product information and compliance changes preparing me for AEP. I really look forward to it.

The marketing and design teams created fun and attractive marketing pieces and ads drawing clients right to my door. They are idea people. Near & Far has assisted me in everything from gaining product knowledge and maintaining compliance to dealing with objections to getting to know new people.

The Medicare Center technology has been a life saver. Comparing plans and
working with clients to make sure they have the best plan for their specific needs is simple and efficient. When call-recording was required, I really thought I would not be able to continue in the Medicare market. The technology team at Neishloss & Fleming was able to move quickly to enable Medicare Center with call-recording. I was able to continue my business and maintain compliancy. I could never have done this without Medicare Center. I do not use any other tool.

The relationship I have with Neishloss & Fleming has been the key to my business success. Neishloss & Fleming has been my rock. They guided me. They taught me. They encouraged me. They supported me. They made me feel like I could really do this. And I did!

Kimberly H.
Independent Insurance Agent

Neishloss & Fleming has been instrumental…

in helping me be successful in my Medicare business by offering me support, giving me access to leads and helping me stay in compliance with Medicare.  They call me to see if I need anything and have helped me expand the products that I have to offer my clients. 

– Patti B.

“N&F has truly been an indispensable asset on my journey.

Starting from a position of having absolutely no knowledge about Medicare, I was able to build a thriving business, all thanks to N&F. Their unwavering guidance and expertise helped me navigate every step of the way, not just reaching, but surpassing my goals. I can’t express enough how much their support has transformed my business and my life!”

– Justin K.

When I think of Neishloss & Fleming, the main thing I think of is partnership.

N&F offers the type of partnership that I look for. I have tried to get similar partnerships in other lines of business that I have with N&F; they’ve done a good job of setting themselves apart in that area. N&F has had me focus in areas that I otherwise may not have done. In doing that, it elevates your business and how efficient you are with your business practice.

– Chris G.

Working with Neishloss and Fleming as our upline for our Medicare as well as ACA is always a great experience. 

From the day-to-day logistics of the insurance business to the complex situations that arise in the world of contracting.  The team always comes through and responds quickly and gets the job done for us! 

– Shannon S.

All your support and the great bonuses are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for putting us Agents first, my life & career has very much changed since I have come on board with the Neishloss & Fleming team.

– Dale P.

For nearly 10 years I have been with the Neishloss & Fleming agency.
I have always had a positive experience.

Especially working with my sales manager Shalicia Hughes I consider her a friend. She provides professional excellence every time. She is truly one of a kind, and is very helpful. She is always willing to walk me through very complex insurance issues. I recommend the Neishloss & Fleming agency to any one looking for a professional FMO.”

– Mary W.