Client Need Assessment with Ted Simms

Join us for an exclusive webinar that will empower you to enhance your insurance career and prioritize your clients like never before. Discover the secret to success by incorporating a Client Needs Assessment (CNA) into your toolkit, ultimately boosting your ancillary sales. During this session, we will delve into: Unlocking the Power of a Successful...

N&F/Manhattan Life Webinar

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, Medicare Supplement plans from ManhattanLife provide a more cohesive approach to health and financial well-being by covering costs such as co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. Join the NF Team as we welcome Jack Broughton to discuss why Manhattan Life maintains a reputation as one of the...

NF Agent Training – Part 1: Medicare 101

A strong foundation is the key to success in the Medicare Market. Agents that want to be incredibly successful in this market need to attend this webinar, which is way more than your typical Medicare 101. The content will include: 1. In depth explanation of Original Medicare Parts A & B 2. How Medicare Advantage...

Integrity Technology Suite

Learn about Integrity’s full technology suite and how the platforms work together to help agents better serve and manage their clients, grow their business and be more effective. This training will provide a high level of overview of MedicareCENTER, LifeCENTER, Ask Integrity, PlanEnroll, & LeadCENTER. Click here to register

Lumico Medicare Supplement Product Training

Is your Medicare toolkit fully equipped with some of the most competitive and thoughtfully positioned Medicare Supplements in your market? The Lumico Med Supp is a popular and dynamic choice for brokers and agencies alike, offering competitive rates, a uniquely attractive fitness program, and several value props that you just don't want to overlook.

N&F/RSSA Partnership Webinar

Join this webinar if you want to get in front of more prospects, make more appointments, and build a pipeline of current and future sales opportunities. The RSSA® Program is a turn-key Social Security education, technology, marketing, and support program to turn insurance agents into a trusted Social Security expert. Social Security expertise will allow...

How To Present Hospital Indemnity

New to the senior market or looking to learn about Hospital Indemnity products for your clients? This is the Webinar for you. We are not going to dive into product details as much as highlight the How-To aspects of this must have product for seniors!

Integrity for Agents Mobile App

Work when you want, from where you want. Get all the features of MedicareCENTER & LifeCENTER straight from your Apple and Android devices. This training will show agents how to navigate the Mobile App, add contacts from their cell phone and take advantage of Ask Integrity, their AI digital assistant. Click here to register

CSG APP | Medicare Market Intel

CSG Actuarial’s suite of quoting tools and market data is free for Integrity agents. Learn how the CSG APP can be used alongside the Integrity Technology Suite to better understand Medicare trends and enrollment data. Agents will use CSG APP for all their Medicare Supplement quotes and enrollments. The training will focus on Medicare market...

Mastering the Mystery – Part 1 NEW

In this informational event, we will dive into Why Medicare Supplements in today’s market as well as Why Med Supp Sales are so Easy. Are you new to the world of Medicare Supplements? Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the compelling reasons behind why 1 in 3 clients are embracing the...

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