Good News!

You can now obtain a Personalized URL (PURL) to offer your clients access to a dedicated Med Supp or Dental Insurance e-Application, simplifying the signup process and ensuring you receive credit for the sale. 

With the new PURLs enhancement clients can now directly access your dedicated e-application page.  If a client explores additional links, within your page, they will continue to be linked to your PURL.

You can find your PURL in the e-App storefront. Click here for instructions. 

Once you have your PURL, there are many ways you can use it, to help enhance your client engagement. Using your PURL in your email signature block or on approved prospecting materials (order through your normal channels) are great places to feature your PURL.  The Medicare supplement and dental insurance PURLs launch continues to enhance our broker experience.  Head to the e-Application storefront to get your PURL, today!

The information on this website is for agent use only and not intended for the general public.

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