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Wednesday March 6th 10:00 AM ET

Social Security is the Golden Key to opening doors to ancillary sales of Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities & Assets Under Management. As a trusted Social Security expert, you can differentiate yourself, strengthen current client relationships, attract new clients, expand your business, and organically transition to insurance sales.

If you’re interested in becoming a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA), attend this webinar to learn how Social Security planning with your prospects and clients will lead to organic Medicare and Insurance sales and opportunities.

The March 6th webinar will cover:

  • What the RSSA program is and what is included
  • How the RSSA program will help your insurance business
  • Why Social Security planning is important for your clients and prospects
  • How becoming an RSSA will differentiate you as an agent
  • How to get started
  • And more!

You can learn more about the RSSA program here.

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