Custom ad campaigns in LeadCENTER make it simple to purchase your own branded consumer campaigns. Leads generated from your campaign are exclusively yours!

How It Works

Creating a custom ad campaign in LeadCENTER is straightforward, but how does it all work? Let’s look at how custom ad campaigns help you generate the leads you want, with the volume that meets your growth goals.

• Choose Campaign Details
You’ll set up your campaign, choosing from several mailer formats and target audiences, selecting geography and then further refining by age range and household income.
Pay for your campaign and it’s ready for production!

• Printing & Mailing to Consumers
Once your custom ad campaign is purchased, your information is sent to an automatic print & mailing service, delivering your campaign to mailboxes within 10 business days.

• Consumer Response — Phone
All mailers display your agent phone number as you entered it in the campaign setup.
This should be your MedicareCENTER agent number for call recording and compliance. Consumers receiving your mailer can call you directly to talk about their Medicare coverage.

• Consumer Response — BRC
For consumers returning a Business Reply Card (BRC) from your mailer, the BRC is received by PlanEnroll, then scanned and entered into your LeadCENTER account. You can view these new leads in the Manage Leads area of LeadCENTER, or in your MedicareCENTER account.

LeadCENTER is constantly adding more ways for you to acquire high-quality compliant leads.

To learn more and get started, simply visit or log in to your account.

The information on this website is for agent use only and not intended for the general public.

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