Wellcare SpendablesTM Benefit Tips

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The Wellcare SpendablesTM benefit card provides a convenient way for your members to access a variety of supplemental benefits with one easy-to-use card. To help you better assist your members with this important benefit we’ve gathered a collection of helpful tips for you to utilize when providing guidance to your members.

Topics covered in today’s tips :

  • In Store Purchases – Find retailers & use the Spendables card in-store.
  • Gas Pay-at-the-Pump – Guidelines for convenient fuel payment.

No card? No Problem – Access benefits without a physical card in hand.

Retail Purchases

When using the Wellcare SpendablesTM card for covered items and services in stores, verifying in-network status for the retailer, and following a few tips for ease of card use will help members to avoid frustration during the transaction:

  • The Wellcare SpendablesTM retail network through Solutran is robust, with over 55,000 stores participating. Throughout the year stores may move in and out of the network. The Wellcare Spendables Card Store Finder feature is the best source for accessing current participating retailers in a member’s local area. The Store Finder is also available within the Healthy Benefits Plus app.
  • Wellcare SpendablesTM cards may only be used for covered items and services. The cards cannot be used to receive cash back.
  • The PIN number for the member’s card is the last 4 digits on the card. This number cannot be changed.

When using their card at a participating retailer for a covered purchase, your members should be instructed to try both swiping the card and scanning the barcode. If both methods fail, the cashier should be asked to manually scan the barcode on the back of the card.

Gas Pay-at-the-Pump Transactions

By following a few simple guidelines your members will enjoy a seamless experience when using their SpendablesTM card to purchase fuel.

  • Members must pay for gas at the pump, instead of inside the gas station at the register.
  • Not all gas stations accept the Wellcare SpendablesTM card.
  • Gas pumps at a few outlets, including some Walmart, Sam’s Club and Kroger locations are experiencing declines depending on how the card transactions are set-up for processing. Solutran is aware of this issue and is working to address it long term.

Preferred gas stations for ease of use include:

  • Speedway
  • ‌Chevron
  • ‌Kwik Trip
  • ‌Exxon
  • ‌Arco
  • ‌Marathon
  • Shell
  • ‌Circle K
  • ‌Sunoco
  • ‌Murphy
  • ‌BP
  • ‌Texaco

Accessing Benefits Without the Card Present

Members can use their benefit dollars without having their Wellcare SpendablesTM card in hand using several methods:

  • Call the Healthy Benefits Plus Customer Service Support number, 855-744-8550, and a representative can order on their behalf.
  • Register their card through the Healthy Benefits Plus web portal and place orders online.
  • Download the Healthy Benefits Plus mobile app and use the barcode to shop in-store at participating retailers.

Use the Healthy Benefits Plus mobile app to make in-store purchases via the digital card located within the app.

Please keep in mind that physical card delivery takes 10-14 business days. The member’s card will come in a white envelope labeled “Introducing Wellcare Spendables™”.

For more information about the Wellcare SpendablesTM benefit, please review the Wellcare Spendables FAQ resource.

As always, thank you for your continued partnership!

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