Get started with Short-term Care insurance

Wellabe’s newest Short-term Care insurance product is now available in 24 states.

When one health care situation leads to in-home or skilled nursing assistance, it can quickly deplete clients’ funds. Short-term Care insurance not only helps clients maintain an active lifestyle while aging in place but also makes sure their retirement savings are well protected.

To download sales and marketing materials, visit the Short-term Care insurance page on the agent portal. 

How to explain Short-term Care insurance to clients

You play a vital role in helping clients understand how a Short-term Care insurance policy can help them be well prepared and well protected. To really hit home the value of Short-term Care insurance, follow this step-by-step guide.

Back to the basics — marketing

At this week’s Tuesday Talk session, hosted by Mike Gattorna, National Sales Distribution Manager, you’ll discuss basic marketing strategies that are sure to make a splash.

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