New flex and OTC cards issued!

NationsBenefits, Geisinger’s new flex/OTC card vendor, has issued new cards to all Geisinger Gold members who have over-the counter (OTC) and/or flex benefits. Members who have a plan that includes OTC and flex benefits will receive just one card. The NationsBenefits card is a prepaid Mastercard that should be used as credit at the point of sale. Customers should keep this card, as it’s reloadable. 

Members can access the NationsBenefits portal by visiting There, they can use the portal to: ​​

  • Search for retail locations
  • Search for products
  • Activate or replace cards
  • Update shipping address
  • Place an order for OTC items

Do your clients have questions about their OTC and/or flex benefits? They can call NationsBenefits customer service at 877.880.8874 (TTY: 711) daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

New member ID cards: All members received new health plan ID cards, which they should now use. Member ID numbers stayed the same, but Navitus, Geisinger’s new pharmacy benefits manager, appears on the cards.

Medicare Advantage open enrollment: It’s Open Enrollment Period again! Need any supplies or materials? Reach out to your broker manager — we’re happy to help.

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