Planning for when AEP is over

Today we’re going to discuss what to do when AEP is over. We all know that the busiest time of the year as agents is AEP, simply due to the volume of the opportunity to make sales and help seniors with their health insurance needs. Now, just because AEP passed, does not mean that the work is over.

Not only are there things that you can do to strengthen the relationship with your current clients, but there are also ways to find more business as well. It is okay to take some time off. You just ran around like crazy for nine weeks, so make sure to sit back and take some time for yourself.

Tips for growing your business after the AEP Period

Reach out to your clients and make sure they received all their material from the carrier, specifically their member ID card, as well as their OTC and healthy food cards if that was applicable to the plan. Additionally, any plan materials that they were supposed to receive from the carrier. If they have questions, make sure you can answer them.

While you’re reaching out to your clients, remind them that your services are available to their friends and family, and whoever may need it. Getting that referral stream going now will be a big help in the future.

Third, take care of those who still need assistance for their coverage on 1/1. You may have had some stragglers who did not choose their coverage during the AEP window, but maybe they have a qualifying SEP that can get them coverage for the new year.

Finally, start game planning for Quarter One, as it’s shortly after and there’s a ton of opportunity.

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